Thanks so much to Jess Parvin from Jess Parvin Designs for the website, new pics and excellent advice. Thanks also to Patrick from Victory Coffee and Efrat from Threshold for the use of their stylish spaces for the photo shoots. You can find them both on Atwood Ave on Madison’s east side. And a huge thanks to all of you loyal fans for supporting us these many years!!! So we’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do. If you’ve been following our careers for more than a year or two you may be asking “why the name change?” Well, technically speaking, Gaines and Wagoner are actually our names, so we thought it appropriate to finally start using them. We’ve been in so many bands over the years, and each time we morphed and took on a new band name it was almost like starting over promotionally. So from here on out we intend to stick with “Gaines and Wagoner” if we’re performing as a duo or trio (adding drums or guitar) and “Gaines and Wagoner and the Stellanovas” or “fill in the blank” when we perform as a bigger band. There.

The point of all this rebranding, new website and pics, etc. is to kick off the next phase of our music career experiment, focusing on new original material and finding creative ways to blend all the musical styles we love to play. We’ve always played in groups that defy easy categorization, so why stop now? If you have an interesting original phrase or word that you think best describes what we do, drop us a line, we’d like to know! Our goal starting this year is also to get back to more regular touring like we used to do with the Common Faces and Moon Gypsies, so if you ain’t from around here (Madison, WI to be specific) and have a suggestion for a good and proper music venue in your locale in which you think we’d be a good fit, please let us know. Anywhere…have camper, will travel.

We’re also very excited to be working with Wendy Schneider at her new Coney Island Studios location on Madison’s east side. Wendy recently produced a fabulous film about Madison’s famous Smart Studios titled “The Smart Studios Story” featuring uber producer Butch Vig and other groovy people. Y’all can check it out at By early March we’ll have new downloadable tracks available right here or at and an EP of these tracks plus a few tasty sound bits from old demos available at our shows. You can also request that we mail you one of these special limited edition, hand-made EP CDs for $10 plus shipping. Just let us know. In the next issue of this newsletter, we’ll let you know more about our upcoming Kickstarter program to help us produce a short film. That’s all for now—thank you for supporting live music!